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About Us

About Us

Nascent Education Foundation Pvt. Ltd also referred to as NEF Nepal was established in 2012. We are a member of Educational consultancy Association of Nepal (ECAN) and NICE. Since 2013 it has been mainly focusing on Indian education. The organization has been continuously working in this domain for the betterment of students who want to Study professional Courses in Colleges abroad. Nascent Education Foundation has been a prominent member of ECAN since it's inception. With the help of our enthusiastic and qualified team we work towards keeping alive the dream of every student who desires quality education.

Within a very short span of time, we have become the household name for Indian Education in Birgunj. Every year hundreds of students achieve their dream college with our help and guidance. We have thousands of students and parents who are very satisfied and grateful for our services. We are the first choice for anyone who wants to Study in India. We are one of the top Educational Consultancy in Birgunj. We are the number 1 choice of parents in Birgunj and neighbouring areas.We have an entire branch dedicated to offering students with options of various colleges in India. We also offer options of other countries like Bangladesh, Australia and many other European countries.

We work with diligence and motivation to help you in achieving your goals and objectives. It is our policy to work with authenticated Colleges, that provide the best service. We offer in-depth overview of the College, College visits, Accreditations and other services before you make your final decision about the College. We make the whole journey smooth, so that students don't feel the pressure of being in a new environment. Throughout the journey we act as your mentors and guardians so that the only thing you need to worry about is your Career.

We have constantly tried our best to reach as many students as we could. We have operational branches in Birgunj and Bhairahawa. In the near future we will be opening branches in more locations with the aim to reach many more students. Soon we will be opening new branches in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Butwal and Lalbandi. We want to provide services to all those students and parents who are in need of guidance and counselling in the remote locations of Nepal. We have been constantly trying to digitalize the whole process and achieved some success through it. We believe that Educational Consultancies have a very important role in the Education Sector and NEF is determined on working towards doing the best it can. We believe that every student should get a chance at quality education and proper guidance has a very important role in that. We at NEF standby our principles, integrity and honesty in our services and We will keep on working towards upliftment of students.

Our Objectives:

  • To guide our students to the best educational environment.
  • To provide our students a quality education.
  • To stand as a second guardian for entire study period.
  • To provide quality counselling which will help students to decide their future.
  • To build relationship with parents and students.

Currently our corporate office is located in Birgunj which is totally dedicated for Indian Education . Also we are planning to open branches in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Butwal, Lalbandi & Bhairahawa to provide services at their door step to the needy students and parents. Among these places Bhairahawa branch has been successfully launched and performing its duty of counselling the students about Indian education.

Owner at NEF Nepal

Message From Our Director

Nascent Education Foundation was founded with the aim of helping students in achieving their dreams of higher studies. NEF was established in Birgunj in the year 2012 AD, before that too I was involved in the education sector and was continuously working with the students helping them realize their dreams and professional aspirations. Finally I decided to put all of my work in a concentrated manner through NEF at Birgunj. Slowly and Steadily we have developed an environment where not only the students realize their professional dreams but also find a path to fulfill all of those dreams. The moment a student arrives at NEF me and my team put all of our best efforts by helping in every way we can. My dream is to make the student's favourite destination for abroad studies and I thank all the students and parents who have put their trust in NEF.

We started off with a very small domain of professional courses and limited number of countries as options but slowly we have grown our collection to the best and most recognized colleges in multiple countries. We now offer courses ranging from Medical to Engineering. Some of our Most in demand courses are MBBS, BDS, BSc Nursing, Optometry, Engineering, Physiotheraphy, MPH and BPH and many more. I personally believe that no student should stop following his dream due to financial reasons. So, we at NEF try oiur best so that we help students in availing different kinds of scholarships and grants that are offered by the Universities, Colleges and Governments.

We started off with Birgunj but now are growing to many locations.We want to reach the remotest parts of nepal and give them the opportuinity to change their lives by following their dream careers. I personally believe that the first step to fulfilling the dream career is by choosing the right college. NEF firmly believes that if we build a right environment for the students of our country and provide them with constant opportunities we can change their lives.

I wish the very best to each and every studnet and their parents. I hope you achieve all that you want and make your parents and NEF proud of you.

-- Rabindra Pandit

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Our Mission

Our Vision and Mission at NEF is very clear we want to be the bridge for the students that lead them to their dream Colleges. We want to close the gap across cultures and provide support for academic pursuit of the younger generation. The right kind of education can make a lot of significant changes to any one's lives. every student looks up for a guide or a mentor who can guide them through the confusions and labryinth of the Higher Education Sector.

With our team of experienced education counsellors we advise students on courses and career opportunities according to their educational background, interests, aptitude, and aspirations. We Have a large network of education providers, Colleges and Scholars. Through our experience we suggest a wide range of study options and programs to meet the students’ needs. We make sure that whatever the student needs we deliver it to them.

Nascent Education Foundation is an all round service provider. Our care and concern continue though the students have left their home country. Our Representatives in India/Bangladesh can offer first-hand assistance to students including airport pickup services, helping arrange home-stays and even opening bank account, local SIM Cards etc. We also stay in regular contact with our students and liaise with schools and parents in monitoring students’ progress.

Our Development

We started off with a small office in Birgunj in Nepal in the year 2013. WE faced numerous challenges and problems at every step. We took every challenge as a step forward to be more better. With our constant efforts we have become one of the best consultancies in Province No.-2 of Nepal. In Birgunj Nascent Education Foundation has become a household for Admissions in India and Bangladesh. We got recognised from ECAN and then we multiplied our efforts and increased our strides. Not only in Birgunj we wanted to help and reach every student in the remotest parts of Nepal. So, we expanded our operations to multiple locations with Birgunj being our Head Office we now have offices in Lalbandi & Bhairahawa.

Nascent Education Foundation now represents more than 100+ education providers including Universities and Colleges of India & Bangladesh. We have established friendly relations with universities in Australia and European Nations as well.

The journey so far has just been us getting started, we promise to put in a lot more hardwork and efforts.

We dream that one day Nascent Education Foundation will not only be the Best Consultancy in Birgunj but also in whole of Nepal.